このオンラインストアは、バーバリアンブックス / バーバリアンファームのMomoeとWilliamによって運営されています。主に自費出版のZine、印刷物、グッズ、時には野菜など様々な商品を販売しています。


また友人のお店(Irregular Rhythm Asylum)で販売してもらっているものもあるので、











Thank you for visiting the Barbarian Store!

This website is run by Momoe and William of the Institute of Barbarian Books / Barbarian Farm.
Here you can purchase many of our self-published zines, printed matter, and sometimes vegetables.

We made this web store to share some of the things we make, and it’s mostly for fun.
A lot of our zines are free and downloadable on our website here.
Sometimes we also have things available at friends’ places like IRA (If you’d like to stock any of our items please let us know!)
If you’re local you can also contact us about picking up in person.
We also very much enjoy print exchanges!

We’re not trying to make a profit here, but anytime we’re able to break even the excess goes into the next printing project and the maintenance of this website.

And a note about shipping…

For most of the items on this website we’ve decided on a flat rate for domestic orders in Japan and a flat rate for all other international orders.
The reason we have decided on this system is to help cover the cost of our own labor and transportation to and from the post office, which tends to take a lot of our time.
We also want to offset some of the environmental costs of shipping, and we’d like to encourage ordering a little more than just one item at a time.

For now, we think this is a fair way to sustainably maintain this web store and keep items accessible at other physical locations or from us directly at the small events and markets we occasionally table at.
That being said, we can also make exceptions for different contexts.
Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific need or financial limit and we’ll be happy to work something out.


The Institute of Barbarian Books: www.barbarianbooks.institute
Barbarian Farm: www.barbarianfarm.net
Instagram: [at] instituteofbarbarianbooks

Telephone: 080.4684.0130
Email: info [at] barbarianbooks.institute