Palestine Propaganda Pack


This set of printed goods are all designed and illustrated by us at the Institute of Barbarian Books.
Please use and/or share them to talk more about Palestine and the struggle for liberation.

Since October 7 we have been giving away all of these items with no charge to various friends and stores around Japan. We will continue to print and distribute these items for free. The reason we are selling this pack here is to simply try and recover some of the printing costs. If you want to use your money to support Palestinians directly, we recommend using  the palestinejpn resource page. Otherwise, we thank you so much for supporting our continued printing.


10月7日以降、これらの印刷物は日本中の友人や店舗を通して無料で配布しています。今後も無料で印刷して配布していく予定ですが、印刷コストの一部を回収するためにこのセットをオンラインストアでも販売しようを決めました。パレスチナの人々を直接支援するために寄付先をお探しの方には、palestinejpn の寄付情報ページをお勧めします。バーバリアンブックスの継続的な制作/印刷活動をサポートしていただき、誠にありがとうございます!

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This Palestine Propaganda Pack includes:
– Three A3 posters (folded in half)
– Abolish Israel Zine
– 12 stickers
– 5 info cards
– 1 screenprinted patch

All designed by the Institute of Barbarian Books in Hiroshima.

Liberation before Peace.
Free Palestine!

– A3ポスター3枚(半分折)
– Abolish Israel Zine
– ステッカー12枚
– シルクスクリーンパッチ1枚